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The Kite Runner Analysis

In Khaled Hosseini’s book, The Kite Runner, the reader is shown an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who lived through some of the most difficult years of the history of Afghanistan. From conflict with the Soviets to the rise of the Taliban as an authoritarian regime, the novel chronicles not only the impact these historical events have on the country and its people, but also the life of a young man dealing with his own enemies and monsters at the same time. The Kite Runner AnalysisUltimately, the story focuses on the ideas of guilt and redemption; as children, Amir stands by while his best friend, Hassan, is brutally attacked; others have knowledge of what was going on but chose to do nothing to prevent it. When Hassan is killed by the Taliban, Amir takes it upon himself to rescue his friend’s son, hoping his dedication to the young boy can resolve his feelings of guilt and responsibility for what happened to his friend.

One of the greatest strengths of this novel is the fact that it tells a story that is easily replicated anywhere in the world. No matter where a person lives, what their culture is, or what factors separate them from Hosseini or his characters, the ideas demonstrated in the course of the novel are ultimately universal. The importance of the father-son relationship, the feelings of betrayal and guilt, and the perpetual quest for redemption and restoration are all shared experiences by everyone, no matter where or when they might exist. In this way, Hosseini tells not only the story of young boy growing up in a tumultuous society, but a story that could, ultimately, belong to anyone.

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