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Killer Bees

To begin your Killer Bees Research Paper, provide a detailed summary of the natural history of the chosen invasive species using scholarly sources.

This information should be included in Killer Bees Research Paper:

  1. Where it came from
  2. How it made it’s living in it’s native environment
  3. Where it is now posing problems
  4. How it got to the area where it is a problem
  5. Why it is considered to be such a problem
Killer Bees

After introducing your invasive species, you will need to provide a clear description of both environmental and economic problems that are the result of the introduction of the chosen exotic species. This is accomplished using specific examples and data illustrating your points from a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Be sure to include a description of what it is about the life history traits of the organism that make it such a major problem. This information will lead to your hypothesis about the invasive, which should answer the question: what is the best action plan for minimizing the impacts of the chosen invasive species based on its function in the environment?

Next, you need to provide a clear description outlining the actions /steps being attempted or proposed to control your chosen invasive species. Use a minimum of 2 scholarly sources to describe the types of control methods that might decrease the negative impact of your invasive species on its new environment. This section should cover any /all methods that might be used. You might look at other similar organisms to see how they have been controlled and propose the same method(s) be used on your invasive species. These methods do not need to be those currently used, you can propose something new as a control mechanism.

Summarize the pros and cons of the method(s) of control. Based on this information, form a conclusion as to what action should be taken to control your assigned invasive exotic species. This conclusion statement should answer the original question and should be a re-statement of the hypothesis and evidence that leads the reader to your conclusion.

The paper must be:

  1. Typed
  2. Grammatically correct
  3. Presented in paragraph format
  4. Use in-line citations (MLA format), and not use quotations.
  5. The typed paper should use 12-font, be double-spaced, and have margins not exceeding 1” on all sides, on 8 ½” X 11” paper. Paper length should be between 3 and 5 pages. A separate title page and reference section must be included clearly identifying all important article information including titles, sources, dates, and volumes, from multiple sources (MLA).

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