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Research Papers on Key Competitive Methods

Our writers are ready to write any detailed research paper you need on Key Competitive Methods. We can even outline the project you need for you. The following may be elements you want to include in a research paper for a business class.

  1. Identify the key competitive methods that a chosen firm is currently employing in competing in its industry sector.
  2. Based upon the environmental analysis completed, it is necessary to identify the new competitive methods that may be required.
  3. Upon completion of the identification, the future cash flow stream of each CM must be identified.
  4. Take into special consideration the life of the CM, the risk associated with the cash flow stream and the subsequent cost of capital to provide the necessary return required.
Key Competitive Methods

Upon completion of this exercise the learner will have identified the present and future competitive methods of the organization to be employed in the domain and competitive environment. Secondly, the learner will have estimated the free cash flows associated with each competitive method and rank each according to its over all value to the organization.

The learner is directed toward chapters five and six in Strategic Management in Hospitality Industry, 3rd Edition 2007, by Olsen, West and Tse and published by John Wiley and Sons. Additional required resources include:

The following tasks should be performed in the sequence suggested. The forms are provided as a guide to assist in this process.

  1. Identify the current products and services provided by your organization.
  2. Identify the products and services that will be required to compete in the future.
  3. Group products and services into unique competitive methods (CM) that will be sustainable.
  4. Estimate the life cycle of the CM.
  5. Determine the cash flow stream for the CM over its useful life.
  6. Rank the competitive methods according to their cash flow value to the organization.
  7. Conduct a thorough and complete analysis of the investment costs that will be incurred with each competitive method.

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