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This is an analysis research paper on Judaism. The essay will discuss the history of the religion and the foundation of it. Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions and remains an important faith in the modern world. The followers of Judaism share a belief in one God that created the world and is described in the sacred texts called the Torah. This paper will discuss the three major sects of Judaism, including the Orthodox, Conservative, and the Reform sect. This discussion will demonstrate that each of these sects has distinct beliefs and practices, yet each plays an important role in preserving the traditions of Judaism.  Judaism

Orthodox Judaism contends that the Torah, research includes all of the teachings of the Bible and Talmud and other canonical literature, is "divinely inspired and immutable". For orthodox believers, there is no room for critical interpretation, symbolic suggestion, or analysis of the Talmud. Instead, the primary goal of orthodox believers is to preserve the practice of authentic Judaism as it was practiced in ancient times.

A convention of Orthodox Congregations that met in New York in 1898 created a resolution that stated several of the sects key beliefs. These included beliefs that ceremonial law was obligatory, that although they are dispersed among many different faiths, they Judaism must remain separate, and the coming of a personal Messiah. In addition, the resolution protested the admission of converts without circumcision or immersion in a mikveh, intermarriage between Jew and Gentile, and stated that the "restoration to Zion was a legitimate aspiration of scattered Israel". Because of its rigid stance on the practice of Judaism, orthodox leaders are often critical of other sects.

Judaism research paper from Paper Masters

Analysis paper on Judaism.

1. Context: where we/ the religion are, described historically, sociologically, theologically, and/or psychologically. may include problematic-- what needs to be improved. 2. Heritage: where has the religion come from? traditions and history
3. Purpose: where we want to arrive, the described aims, goals, objectives
4. Foundations: why things are done the way they are?
what does it mean to be part of the religion?
what are the scriptures?
what is the role of the person's experience?
how does the religion relate to the wilder world?
what is the religion's theology?
5. Practices: how the religion is played out?
setting, programs, events, rituals, etc.

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