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Joan of Arc Research Papers

Paper Masters custom writes research papers on historical figures such as Joan of Arc. An icon for France, a Joan of Arc research paper will be filled with the fascinating story of this amazing woman. The following are facts known about Joan of Arc that you may want to use in a research paper:

  • Joan of Arc was born on January 6, 1412 in the village of Domremy.
  • Her parents were Jacques and Isabelle d’Arc
  • Joan of Arc named her Jehanne at birth.
  • Joan grew up in a time of turmoil and trouble for France in which the King of France during her childhood years was Charles VI, who was only twelve years old when his father died.

Charles VI was known to have frequent spells of delusion, prompting family members to take over the throne. Soon after, the Duke of Louis of Orleans was assassinated in 1407 on the orders of his cousin, the Duke Jean-sans-Peur de Burgundy. After this time, France was divided between the two family factions, the Armagnac and the Bourgogne .

Joan of Arc

War with England was not new to France. In several previous wars England had stolen land away from France, some of which was recovered during the reign of Charles V. Yet after Charles VI inherited the throne his leadership was so weak that almost all gains made by his father were lost. The uncles who seized the throne did not provide much more in the way of leadership than Charles VI. Fragmented and vulnerable, France found itself at war with England again in 1415.

Claiming a legal right to the French throne, King Henry V of England invaded Normandy in August of 1415 and quickly defeated the French Royal army. The French citizens met the news of the English win with disbelief, given that the French far outnumbered the English. Many of the French royal family were killed, and Duke Charles d’Orleans was sentenced to serve 25 years as a prisoner of war.

It was during all this turmoil that Joan of Arc was growing up. Much about her childhood years is known by way of the testimony given by the villagers she grew up with at the Rehabilitation Trial that took place twenty years after her death. According to this testimony, Joan did her chores as she was told and “was such a good girl that almost everyone in Domremy loved her”. According to witness accounts, Joan was so devoted to the worship of the Virgin Mary that other children made fun of her .

In 1420, Henry V gained title to France by way of the Treaty of Troyes. Soon afterward, Henry V married Catherine, the daughter of King Charles VI. The kingdom of France was divided between the Duke of Burgundy and Henry V. A man by the name of Pierre Cauchon helped negotiate the settlement, for which he was awarded the position of Bishop of Beauvais. In 1422, the infant son of Henry V became ruler when Henry V and Charles VI died within months of each other. Within this same time period, Joan of Arc began to have visions and hearing the “voice of God”. The voice instructed her to go to France and “raise the siege laid to the city of Orleans” and then on to Robert de Baudricout who would tell her where she was to go next.

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