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Jimmy Carter Research Papers

Jimmy Carter research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Throughout history, famous leaders have been typically credited with great oratory skills. Their verbal ability to persuade individuals into following their beliefs or giving into their wants often resulted in their success. Because of the consequences, these leaders were often described as charismatic. The ruler or administrator who articulates poorly must have some other reason to base his or her power, or he or she may soon find that the position of power will be removed.  The ability to communicate effectively can be assessed in a number of different ways. It can be the ability to write or deliver a potent speech, but it may also involve communication on a more personal level. Jimmy Carter For example, the skillful use of discourse would also benefit a leader in times when negotiation between two rival factions is taking place. This skill is, perhaps, the greatest ability that a leader can have in order to maintain a position of power. Many American presidents have illustrated that their ability to utilize discourse have enabled or empowered them to further their specific causes or programs.  One such president was Jimmy Carter. The purpose of this research paper about Jimmy Carter is to demonstrate former President Carter’s ability to use discourse during his administration.

Jimmy Carter Biography

A few facts about Jimmy Carter to include in a research paper:

  • Carter won the presidential election in 1976. 
  • He ran against Gerald Ford, who was the then current unelected president. 
  • The race was close between the candidates.
  • Carter’s presidency was most noted for his negotiations skills. 
  • During a televised debate between the two, Ford “stumbled … by saying that Eastern Europe was not dominated by the Soviet Union”.  This error along with Carter’s informal and natural speaking ability has been attributed to his eventual election.

Although he was unable to convince congress to support most of his social programs, he was an integral force behind many treaties that impacted world peace and human rights.  Some of his accomplishments in this area included the signing of two treaties between Panama and the United States, “full diplomatic relations between the United States and China,” and a “bilateral strategic arms limitation treaty that would establish parity in strategic nuclear weapons delivery systems between the two superpowers on terms that could be adequately verified”.

Jimmy Carter's Accomplishments

However, Carter’s greatest accomplishment during his administration is most often considered to be his role in the Camp David Peace Accords between Egypt and Israel.  These two countries had been at war with one another since Israel was established in 1948.  In 1978, President Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel met with President Carter at the presidential retreat that is known as Camp David.

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