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Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership

There are many religiously based books that can tell one how to apply faith their business world but Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership, by Laurie Beth Jones takes the way Jesus conducted his life and illustrates the ways he was a remarkable CEO. Paper Masters will use Jones' book on Jesus the CEO to produce a custom written project for your business or religion course today. If you need a simple book review on Jesus CEO.

Using examples of Jesus of the Bible's life, Jones outlines for the reader the many communication and interpersonal relationships that Jesus utilized to his own success. We have heard the adage: “if you believe you are than you will be”. Jones reminds the reader that Jesus didn’t announce at the end of his life that he was God’s son. He instead, proclaimed that is who he was and spent his life proving it. According to the book one can use the same confidence in business. If one acts like a successful businessperson one will follow the path to becoming a successful businessperson, according to Jones.

Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership

Using the bible as a blueprint for explanation, Jones selects passages and then details for the reader how Jesus acted as CEO to get things accomplished.

  • Jesus CEO is a must read for the businessperson who can learn by example as well as someone who learns best by comparisons.
  • Laurie Beth Jones' book is written in easy to understand language and is concise and direct in its guidance towards success.
  • Anyone who believes the Bible and enjoys relating it to real life will enjoy this book about as it relates to the interactive skills used by Jesus that we can use in business today.

Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones is perhaps one of the most innovate books on management published in the twentieth century.  Utilizing, what she calls, the Omega approach to management, Jones believes that many of the techniques utilized by Jesus to teach the apostles can prove useful in modern management.  Jones argues Jesus’ management style was so effective that he was able to train twelve individually unique personalities to spread his word to the entire globe.

Jesus, CEO has a number of practical applications within the context of management.  What is perhaps most interesting about Jones’ text is that it does not assert that one single change in personality or management style is necessary in order to effectively lead.  Rather what Jones presents is a myriad of small individual steps that can be taken by the individual to help improve leadership skills.  For instance, Jones notes that one of the most effective techniques that Jesus utilizes to motivate himself throughout the Bible is his ability to positively talk to and about himself.  Jones maintains that this process, known as positive self-talk, is a small incremental step that individuals can take to help themselves and those around them see things in a more positive light: “Words have power and Jesus always spoke loving, powerful and confident words about himself”.  In the end, Jones seems to believe that it is the accumulation of a number of small internal and external changes that will invariably make one a better leader.

Of all the information presented in Jones’ text, the most useful seems to come from the first section of the book which focuses on changes that the individual can make within him or herself in order to enact change within their environment.  In many situations it seems that one of the greatest barriers that one faces to success are those that one self-imposes.  Jones’ text helps readers to identify some of the most common self-destructing habits that typically serve as a detriment to personal success.  Overall, Jones’ wisdom proves highly effectual and relatable to almost all individual’s everyday lives.

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