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Jean Watson Nursing Theory Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Jean Watson Nursing Theory from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Jean Watson’s nursing theory revolves around the science of caring and how much nurses express care for their patients via a holistic approach, as she believed that medical care, in addition to the emotional support a nurse shows his or her patient can make a difference in a patient’s health overall. Watson believes a nurse should have a nurturing attitude towards his or her patients which can inevitably contribute to expedited healing and better health. Her theory embraces the need for a caring environment where a nurse consciously accepts a patient as he or she is, while being able to embrace what he or she may become.

Watson came up with ten carative factors and her theory has four major concepts. Her ten carative factors include:

  1. Forming humanistic-altruistic value systems
  2. Instilling faith-hopeJean Watson Nursing Theory
  3. Cultivating sensitivity to self and others
  4. Developing a helping-trust relationship
  5. Promoting an expression of feelings
  6. Using problem-solving for decision-making
  7. Promoting teaching-learning
  8. Promoting a supportive environment
  9. Assisting with gratification of human needs
  10. Allowing for existential - phenomenological forces

Her theory includes four major concepts which are:

  1. Human being
  2. Health
  3. Environment/society
  4. Nursing

Watson believed in quality care for patients and held strong to the theory that nurses have the ability to provide what patients need both medically and holistically. Her theory can be successfully applied to many different scenarios with patients.

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