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James Monroe

When writing research papers about famous presidents such as James Monroe, you will want to focus on their accomplishments during their presidency. For example, James Monroe accomplished the following:

  1. The instigation of the Monroe Doctrine
  2. The inclusion of five more states into the Union
  3. Ushering the US through the Panic of 1819

James Monroe (1758-1831) was the 5th President of the United States, capping off an extraordinary diplomatic career. Born and raised in Virginia, Monroe was the last president from among the Founding Fathers, having been a soldier during the Revolutionary War and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. As Thomas Jefferson’s protégé, Monroe’s political career encompassed several important posts.James Monroe

Monroe enlisted in the Continental Army, and was wounded at the Battle of Trenton. He was the last U.S. President who was a Revolutionary veteran. After the war, he studied law under Thomas Jefferson, and was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1782. During the Constitutional Convention, Monroe opposed ratification. In 1794, Monroe was appointed Minister to France. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on James Monroe that follows your guidelines.

James Monroe's Election

Monroe served as Governor of Virginia from 1799 to 1802 and again in 1811. In between terms he was U.S. Minister to Great Britain before serving as both Secretary of State and Secretary of War under President Madison.

In 1816, Monroe was elected President. The Panic of 1819, one of the nation’s deepest depressions occurred during his tenure. Monroe also proclaimed what has become known as the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, declaring that the Americas were to be free from European colonization and interference. Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine and Missouri all became states during Monroe’s presidency.

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