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Islamic Culture Research Papers

Research papers on Islamic culture are often assigned for various reasons. The information you see below is for a business research paper that examines how to conduct business in Islamic cultures. Various other topics can be explored regarding Islamic culture when you order a custom research paper from Paper Masters.

Although many Islamic states have tourist and visitor entry policies that are similar to non-Islamic cultures, conducting business in Islamic cultures requires attention to many regulations and social codes and policies that are markedly different from other cultures. 

  • One primary consideration that should be taken into account in both business to business as well as business to consumer operations is the frequency and number of holy days that are celebrated in almost every Muslim country, particularly Ramadan, which involves the participation in a month-long fast. 
  • Islamic religious celebrations must be recognized as periods where the hours of daily business operations are cut in half or stopped altogether. 
  • Businesses must be careful not to schedule important business functions during these periods.

Islamic Culture and Traditions

At the same time, most Islamic societies have distinct and long-held traditions on dress that apply even in the business environment, especially for business womenIslamic CultureAlthough customs of business dress vary slightly from one Muslim country to the next, the business man is generally confined to wearing clothing that best fits into the category of formal business attire, while businesswomen are generally confined to the clothing restrictions that apply to all women such as “longer hemlines and sleeves” and is some Muslim societies, a headdress to cover the hair.

Islamic Culture and Business

In the context of business to business interactions, an author maintains that there are a number of social behaviors that must be incorporated into business conduct in Muslim cultures.  For example, when dealing with Muslim businesses, respect must be exhibited in regard to their business hierarchy, especially in addressing senior or top-level executives.  Business meetings are generally far more formal and this type of business behavior is essential to maintaining the honor in the presence of employees. An author contend that the failure to abide by this business principle can “seriously hamper business negotiations”.

Doing business in Islamic cultures also requires a sensitivity to individuals outside of the business environment.  Although most Muslim countries are receptive to the entry of international businesses, there are still cultural guidelines that must be addressed.  For example, businesses must consider whether or not the products or services they intend to offer may offend religious or social traditions such as food tastes and requirements, types of clothing that are purchased and worn as well as how services that require interaction with the non-business public conducted.

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