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Islam in Syria Research Papers

Islam in Syria research papers specify that Syria is a deeply religious nation, with all three of the most important world religions identifying Syria as a part of their tradition. The research paper can point out that the figure of Abraham, who plays an important role in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, is identified as having lived in Syria. As a result, all three religions have deep connections with the region. Originally, a Christian majority, as well as a small Jewish population, inhabited Syria. Gradually, Islam came to dominate Syria, and today, the country contains only a small minority of practicing Christians and Jews. This transition has had a significant cultural impact on Syria and on the Arabic world as a whole.

In your research paper, the rise of Islam in Syria will be discussed, with special focus on Islam in the modern world of the religion there. Your paper should examine the following:Islam in Syria

  1. The role of the government in the current practice of Islam in Syria
  2. The degree of religious tolerance and extremism that characterizes the modern practice of Islam there.
  3. The nature of the type of Islam that is currently practiced in Syria will be discussed.
  4. An overall evaluation and judgment of the current practice and role of Islam in Syria will be presented as a conclusion to the religion research paper.

Facts about Islam in Syria You Will Want in Your Research Paper

The roughly 12 million Sunni Muslims largely occupy the chief Syrian cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, and Hama. The Sunni Muslim population in Syria abides by a set of guidelines known as the Sunna. The Sunna is the sum total of the maxims and practices said to have been followed by Mohammed, the early Muslim prophet. Syrian Sunnis also follow the Hanafita juridical school, one of four schools officially sanctioned by the Sunni Muslims. This school has a strong presence in Syria because of its historical role of privilege in the Ottoman Empire. In addition, Sunni Muslims follow the lifestyle dictates of the Grand Mufti.

Aside from the hugely popular Sunni Muslim sect, the next most prevalent form of Muslim worship is a sect known as the Alawi. Those who subscribe to this form of Islam follow the teachings of Aly, a prophet who was the son-in-law of Mohammed, who is considered the chief originator of mainstream Islam. In comparison to the strict standards held forth by the doctrinal authorities, the beliefs and practices of the Alawi Muslims are deemed to be blasphemous and heretical.

Throughout Syrian history, the Alawi Muslims have suffered periods of intense persecution at the hands of the Sunni Muslim majority. As a result, the current-day geographic areas in which Alawi Muslims are concentrated can be seen to follow the patterns of hiding first created during eras of exile and hiding. For the most part, the Alawi Muslims reside in the mountainous areas of Syria, separated from their Sunni counterparts.

However, the ascension of President Assad, who served from 1971-2000, led to the diminishment of the self-imposed segregation that had long existed between these two sects. Assad encouraged the declaration of a statement that officially reversed the longstanding perception of the Alawi as heretics. Although this move has not completely eased tensions between the two groups, there is much less systematic persecution of Alawi Muslims at the hands of Sunnis. Therefore, Alawi Muslims no longer feel universally compelled to remain in hiding.

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