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Research Papers on the Presence of ISIS in the U.S.

Research papers on the presence of ISIS in the United States reveal surprising statistics on the group's infiltration of the U.S. Paper Masters can custom write a research paper in ISIS that gives up to date information on their presence in the US.

Accurately assessing ISIS' presence in the United States of America is a challenge.

Islamic terrorist organizations are notoriously hard to gather intelligence on for the following reasons:

  1. Their inherent distrust of outsiders
  2. ISIS's reliance on the family unit

Given its history with Al Queda it is possible that the organization retained some of Al Queda's presence in the US after the two organization split. However the most significant challenge to accurately assessing ISIS' presence in the US is the numerous and unsubstantiated claims of its presence and influence by seemingly authoritative sources.

In the modern age information has become more accessible, whether it is credible or not. Culturally news providers are believed to be trust worthy and informed, that bias combined with some credible threats to America from ISIS has created a climate of paranoia and fear that obscures attempts to accurately represent ISIS's level of influence. One example of this is stories of foreigners trying to join ISIS. NBC reports that “Donald Ray Morgan plead guilty to attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization” this gives credibility to the idea that ISIS has presence and influence within the US. That credibility is exploited by numerous disreputable news sites and blogs.

Isis' Presence in the U.S.

Presence of ISIS and Misconceptions

In an article titled “Tom Cotton's Bogus Claim that the Islamic State Collaborates with Mexican Drug Cartels” written by Glenn Kessler the Washington Post debunks many common misconceptions. The piece identifies several similar articles that claim there are ties between ISIS and drug cartels as the source of many rumors, two of which are identical. Kessler then discredits a source identified as a “top Defense Department analyst” who has had his security clearance revoked. Having a US congressman support these rumors lends them more weight and credibility in the public mind, even if they are still not supported by evidence.

Based off of evidence ISIS' presence in the United States of America is likely to be minor. However given the poor quality of information and the unsubstantiated rumors that are spread accurately assessing the organizations presence is extremely difficult. It is likely that ISIS's presence in the US is restricted to its presence in our news media and in the political discussion.

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