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Iraq and the Cold War Research Papers

Iraq and the Cold War research papers can be custom written by the world history writers at Paper Masters. Our writers will focus on any aspect of Iraq or the Cold War.

Although Iraq may have been the least affected by the Cold War itself, it was especially influenced by the Western super-power, the United States at the time as well as similar civilizations throughout history.  Iraq is no stranger to the effects of the Western World, with some of its earliest and most influential and contentious experiences marked by the humiliation, exploitation and misery delivered at the hands of Western Christians.  The Islamic world, for example, is generally opposed to the concept of both capitalism and communism however, it has a much greater contention with capitalism and those countries that symbolize it.

Iraq and the Cold War

Hussein and the Cold War

Saddam Hussein grew up under the influences of the Cold War between the USSR and the U.S. Hussein was representative of the Iraqi sentiment for the United States and many of Hussein’s contemporaries must have been similarly influenced against the United States during the period.


Iran and Iraq

Throughout the last decade of the Cold War however, Iraq would be at odds with Iran and would ultimately go to war with its neighbor.  The precipitates to the war between Iraq and Iran began in the mid 1970's with the following nations:

  • The United States
  • Israel
  • Iran

All were involved in their own international unrest. Although Iraq was not involved, the regional state of affairs led Iraq to cultivate an ideology that emphasized it destiny as a powerful and identifiable political entity that would cause other Muslim states to question the country’s motives.

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