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Iranian Women Research Papers

Iranian Women research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

The history of Iranian women is inextricably linked to the fundamentals of Islamic religion which dictate that the word of God corresponds to the order of nature.  By Islamic religion this order of nature regulates the relative position of women to men in the household and society.  This nature of order is well documented in Islam’s numerous Civil Codes.  While it is true that the laws are clearly defined the gender inequities are quite apparent. For instance, the Islamic Penal Code clearly outlines penalties for lesbianism, but not homosexuality:Iranian Women


  • Article 129.  The punishment for lesbianism is a hundred lashes for both parties to the act.
  • Article 131.  If the act of lesbianism has been repeated three times and punishment has been carried out each time, the death penalty shall apply if the act is committed a fourth time.

This context of subservience developed a patriarchal society in which male power was easily asserted over women.

Social Beliefs by Iranian Culture

During the nineteenth century, however, many of these fundamental societal beliefs were challenged by Western ideas of equality, freedom, human rights and social change.  Since Iranian society was heavily dictated by religion, the introduction of modernity into the Iranian culture caused an increasing amount of dialectical tension, at the center of which was the woman as a symbol of mother and wife.  Despite this conflict, by the early part of the twentieth century, numerous women in Iran began hold positions of authority that demanded “the most elemental societal rights in a society that suppressed them at every level of the hierarchal social order.


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