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Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Papers

An original and comprehensive written description and analysis of a problem or problem area in international security and conflict resolution (ISCOR) is Iran and Nuclear Weapons. Research papers on the capacity of nuclear weapons in Iran make for any interesting report on the truth of the issue.


First Stage and prior to any writing need to review the following components for an Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Paper:Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Papers

  • Tenative Outline for the thesis (revision of one below)
  • Preliminary Bibliography in complete and corrrect format.
  • Two-Three page statement of the proposed thesis. This should include required and complete footnotes.

Second stage for Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Paper:

Below is my rough thesis statement for Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Paper:

This thesis will address a new U.S. foreign policy taking into consideration Iran’s interest in pursuing a nuclear weapon (nuke). In examining Iran’s principle beliefs or tenets, the research paper should touch base on a few key areas that have implications on the successes or failures of any new U.S. foreign policy.

Iran and the United States have had a tumultuous relationship for the last twenty five years in which Iran continues to develop its nuclear program disregarding international condemnation, while the foreign policy of the United States has systematically failed to persuade Iran to cease or limit development of a nuclear weapon. During this tumultuous twenty five years Iran has faced sanctions, isolation, confrontation and international efforts by the IAEA and NPT. In order to cease or curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions I believe U.S. foreign policy should be revised to include a multinational coalition to contain Iran’s proliferation movement and offer economic incentives in return. In order for this to succeed the new polices must address the reasons behind Iran’s desire to obtain nuclear weapons. The must apparent and crucial reasons fall into three distinct categories or levels: Nationalistic, State and Governmental. On the nationalistic level the theocracy sways public opinion thereby creating nationalistic support for the nuclear weapons plan. The state level consists of governmental entities that have their own self interests and competitiveness amongst themselves to further promote nuclear development. Finally the government believes nuclear capabilities will address outside security concerns such as Israel and the United States, which it sees as a real threat and other legitimate security concerns.

Outline for an Iran and Nuclear Weapons Research Paper

  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Overview of Iran’s Nuclear Program (Past to Present)
  3. Examine Iran’s leadership - President Ahmadinejad, militant elements and theocracy
  4. Analyze Iran’s interests in fulfilling their nuclear program, as well as interests and positions from opponents and proponents.
  5. Implications of an Iranian nuclear weapon for the Middle East and United States.
  6. Review of current U.S. Policy towards Iran
  7. Proposed New U.S. Policy towards Iran
    1. multinational coalition
    2. incentives
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

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