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Invasion of Iraq Research Paper

A political science research paper on The Invasion of Iraq is an excellent topic to expand upon regarding the economic and political consequences. Included in the paper should be the US and Great Britain's involvement.

Research from Paper Masters on invading Iraq discusses the impact that a US invasion of Iraq would have upon the economies of Iraq, the United States, and the international community generally.  It will show that the potential for economic damage to all concerned is very high, but that there exists also, at least over the long term, a possible economic up side if, and only if, US military action were to be successful and, in the aftermath of that successful action, a rational and stable government could be set up in Iraq.  Invasion of IraqThis paper will be divided into four sections:

  1. The consequences of an invasion for Iraq’s economy;
  2. The consequences for the US economy;
  3. The international economic consequences;
  4. The consequences if the war does not go as planned.  

IRAQ: Ironically, Iraq has something to gain from being attacked. If it is the case that Saddam will not, as he has not, truly disarm, it is unlikely that the economic sanctions upon Iraq will be lifted.  While Iraq is legally able to sell oil under the oil for food program, and while it illegally sells oil to such states as Syria, Iraq’s economy under the sanctions regime is languishing.  Baram notes that Iraq lost $110 billion in oil revenues between 1991 and 1999 as a result of the sanctions.  While The Statesman’s Yearbook estimates that in 1998 real GDP growth in Iraq was 12%, it also estimates that inflation was 45%.  The strong growth of 12% should, moreover, be viewed in the light of being 12% on a very weak base. There is no doubt that economic health will not return to Iraq until the sanctions are lifted.  Were the United States to invade Iraq and establish a government that would eschew the heavy military spending that has characterized the present regime, and operate in such a way as to cause the sanctions to be lifted, then, over the long term, Iraq’s economic woes would be alleviated.  The oil would flow freely and, with the help of international investment, existing fields could be improved and new reserves exploited.

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