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Interview a Muslim for a Research Project

Paper Masters suggests interesting topics for religion courses on Eastern Religions. On this page, we suggest an assignment to research four religions present in the US. The religions you may want to choose from are Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, and Christianity. It should meet the requirements of a good organization, grammar, spelling, and neatness, according to MLA. Sources are The Harper Collins Dictionary of Religion. It is suggested that you use at least 4 scholarly books or articles, 4 personal interviews, representing each of the religions chosen for study. In your paper credit all quotes and sources of particular, specialized information networks, they must be fully cited the same as any other source. The MLA format is suggested. Interview a Muslim

Interview Questions

  1. How did you choose to become a part of this religion?
  2. Do you participate with any of the religions functions (Do any outside work or participate)?
  3. Do you fellowship with other religions?
  4. Do you worship at home or at a site? How do you train yourself, if you worship at home?
  5. Do you teach your children to practice the same religion?
  6. Do you face any challenges while practicing this religion?
  7. Has your religion changed your life?
  8. What do you think the future holds with you and your religious fate?
  9. Do you feel that you will always practice this religion?
  10. How many years have you practiced this religion?

Islamic Culture

In order to better understand the context and development of Islamic culture in the United States, you investigation may want to consider a personal interview with a typical 24 year-old female Islamic-American college student that you can call Mamulla. Mamulla immigrated to the United States when she was three. She now lives with her parents, three older brothers and two younger sisters. Mamulla describes herself as part of the middle-economic class. Her father is owns a chain a dry cleaning stores in the area and her mother is a stay-at-home mother. In order to understand Mamulla’s experiences and culture better, this investigation considers her perceptions on family, life, health and hygiene, communication, time and space, and dating. The investigation concludes with a consideration of the customary foods that are part of the Islamic culture.

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