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Intervention for Schizophrenia

First Section 12 sentences) Introduction:

Describe the intervention model used

Link it to HIV/AIDS agency while viewing the intervention form an administration organization and planning (APO) specialization (stand point)
• This to help with understanding APO : is a study of social work techniques applied to problem solving in the community and the development of macro level skills. Intervention for SchizophreniaThe theoretical models utilized are community development, social planning, and social action as a means for effecting social change in the community. Functioning of human service organizations and the central tasks of the administrator/manager. Strategies and techniques for improving and maintaining efficiency and effectiveness are considered in relation to the acquisition, development, and utilization of personnel and other resources. Acquisition of skills in areas such as data analysis, planning, decision-making, and evaluation.

Use specific details on what will be done and how that fits the model

Second part : 20 sentences) Choose an:

  1. Intervention/
  2. Evidence Based Approaches For Assessment
  3. Evidence Based Approaches for Intervention

Information for Intervention for Schizophrenia Research Paper:

  1. Identify the evidence from your notes other resources which fits intervention plan
  2. Summarize the evidence (describes key points)
  3. Details accurately the summary of the evidence based approaches as linked to intervention plan
  4. focuses clearly on notes and other sources/ readings

Third Section (3 sentences)

  • Does define the “themes of School of Social Work ” Advocacy Empowerment and Transformation from a professional literature; Than use explicit application that fits this intervention plan in your own words.
  • These are the themes:
    1. Advocacy
      Refers to the act of providing support to and intervention in the interest of client systems. These efforts are directed toward the realignment of power to effect change and achieve freedom from oppression.
    2. Empowerment
      Focuses attention on the fact that powerlessness is pervasive and pre-eminent among oppressed people. As a profession which impacts the lives of these people, we are committed to teaching strategies which incorporate the concept of empowering individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to take control of their own lives, and shape their destinies.
    3. Transformation
      To accomplish transformation, the profession of social work must assist individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to change the structure of systems that exert a confining and oppressive hold on their opportunities for achievement.

Fourth Section 3 to 4 sentences) Cultural Competency SCHIZOPHRENIA Standard must be defined; with application to your specific case plan)

Fifth Section : Summary Conclusion

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