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Research Papers on The Internet and Election Campaigns

A research paper/historiographical essay explores the effect of the internet upon the most recent election campaigns. Paper Masters can help explicate the factors that the Internet play on the Elections and various campaigns. You may want to set yp your project as you see suggested below.

Trace the effect of the following in a research project on the Internet and Election Campaigns:

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging
  3. Podcasting
  4. other technological innovations

Issues to Focus on For Your Research Project

Internet and Election CampaignsThe Internet and Election Campaigns Research Paper should tie into the bigger theme of Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book “Understanding Media”. You will want to look back at the methods of communications used in an campaign (say the McKinley /Bryan campaign) and compare and contrast the methods of communications between the two times.

Take an ANALYTICAL position (NOT an Editorial position) by looking at a short history of political communication or indeed communication in general we realize that neutral, non biased reporting of events has never really existed until now.

At the same time please push against this theory by analyzing how YouTube and Blogging is now being twisted by Presidential Campaigners. It’s important that you use as many sources as possible, however, ONLY USE INTERNET SOURCES FROM TRUSTED ONLINE SOURCES and not from Joe Smith’s Blog because that does not interest me in the slightest.

In addition to elucidating the communication benefits that have been created as a result of the application of internet technology to state government, this research also reveals that increased used of this medium for providing service to citizens has served to improve citizen perception of government agencies. Through the use of the internet governments have been able to create virtual communities in which the geographical distance between individual government agencies is reduced and citizens can access needed services in a comprehensive manner. For instance, citizens that may need help with housing assistance can find applications online along with information on other supplemental programs that can improve financial well being. State governments can also link to local and federal governments in an effort to provide citizens with blanket service the meets their individual needs.

ALSO DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE BOOKS YOU USE TO REFERENCE use them to build the argument in an elegant and well structured manner (don’t just dump the quotes in the text) also every word should count and it’s important you don’t just pad the text to reach the word count.

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