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Intercultural Communication Research Papers

Intercultural communications research papers illustrate that there are several approaches to intercultural communication. Have the writers at Paper Masters explain intercultural communication in a custom research paper that is written just as you need it to be.

The first necessity is an understanding of what intercultural communication really is.  Improvements in transportation technology, developments in communication technology, globalization of the economy, and changes in immigration patterns necessitates a need for communication from one culture to another.  This goes beyond human communication. It develops into a deeper form of communication, which is referred to as intercultural communication.

There are eight ingredients for communication:

  1. Behavioral sourceIntercultural Communication
  2. Encoding
  3. Message
  4. Channel
  5. Responder
  6. Decoding
  7. Response
  8. Feedback

There are three categories of culture; artifacts, concepts, and behaviors. Combining the elements of both precipitates the whole of intercultural communication.

An understanding of diversity stems from an understanding of international cultures. The cultures between the East and West offer a great amount of diversity.  An Eastern practice for communication is found in the teachings of Confucianism. The main elements of this thinking are process orientation, differentiated linguistic codes, indirect communication emphasis, and receiver centered. Other Eastern philosophies include Hinduism, Arab culture, and Greek perceptions on interpersonal communication.  All of these cultures differ widely in their means of cultural communication. Thus and understanding of Eastern cultures aids greatly in intercultural communication. 

Cultures beyond the borders of the United States are presumed by most everyone but co-cultures that exist within our country’s borders are taken for granted within our Euro-American culture. The United States is and continues to grow as a multicultural society. Issues related to such a society that need consideration are negative stereotyping, acceptance, personal expressiveness, authenticity, understanding, goal attainment, and power dynamics. This extends from various international cultures to differences in gender and sexual preference.

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