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Instructional Strategies for Teachers

How do you start a Instructional Strategies for Teachers research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Teachers should have a variety of instructional strategies at their disposal to reach students regardless of their preferred learning methods. Some instructional strategies teachers might consider include direct instruction, indirect instruction, experiential learning, and independent study. Instructional Strategies for Teachers

Direct instruction requires the teacher to take command of the class, often by providing a lecture that details step-by-step instructions for instructions. Indirect instruction, however, is a student-centered strategy. Students have the opportunity to brainstorm, make observations, share ideas, and form hypotheses based on available data. The teacher acts as a facilitator instead of lecturer. In many cases, teachers will choose to use both of these instructional strategies in a class.

Experiential learning gives students a chance to learn through hands-on experience. Instead of aiming for a specific end result, this strategy focuses on the learning process and gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to new situations.

Independent study allows students to explore subjects on their own. When done effectively, however, it usually requires a teacher to provide direction and make sure that students are reaching their goals. Many teachers use this strategy to promote self-reliance, confidence, and independent study skills in their students.

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