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Research Papers for Strategies for Reading

Instructional Strategies for Reading research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Teachers should know a variety of instructional strategies for reading to help students reach their learning goals. Some students might respond better to certain strategies than others. Two of the most popular instructional strategies used in today's classrooms are as follows:

  1. Guided Reading
  2. Story Mapping
Strategies for Reading

Guided reading is one of the most popular instructional strategies for reading. In this method, the teacher divides the classroom into small groups of four to six readers. The teacher can then visit each group to provide additional instruction and make sure that the students understand the reading material. It often helps for the teacher to establish the purpose for reading the material and ask the students to pay attention to key exercises within the material (such as identifying unknown words or using context to determine likely meanings of unfamiliar words). Teachers should also ask post-reading questions to make sure all students comprehended the material.

Story mapping is another instructional strategy that can foster reading comprehension. It is often used in conjunction with guided reading. This strategy asks students to make a map the content of a passage by drawing sketches. This helps students connect the reading material with more concrete images. The teacher can then use the students’ maps to lead into a conversation about the material. This helps ensure that students understood the material while allowing them to share their interpretations with each other.

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