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Research Papers on Infusing Technology into the Curriculum

A common assignment on Infusing Technology into the Curriculum is as follows:

Act as if you are part of a group of teachers in a district that has made a commitment to infuse technology into the curriculum through a model for student-centered learning, based on constructivism, problem-based learning and the NTeQ planning model. Your task throughout the various course experiences has been reflective, to consider your own teaching style and how it might evolve with the design of this new environment. Now is the time to articulate your design: What will your technology-infused constructivist classroom be like?

Infusing Technology into the Curriculum

Refer to the literature you find in valid academic research and then take note of what you find. For example, in what ways will your classroom design meet the criteria for meaningful learning:

  • Active, constructive, intentional, authentic and cooperative/collaborative?
  • What types of problems will drive learning? What will the relationships between teacher and students, students and students be?
  • How will technology be used?
  • What will the learning environment look like and feel like to a person entering the classroom?
  • What will students, parents and other teachers say about the technology in the classroom
  • Draw from the things we have read and find additional literature to support your decisions and clarify your view.
  • Draw from the things we have done in class in pedagogy, technology tools and in your field experience.
  • Especially evaluate the things you observed and the models you used when you taught in your placement classroom.
  • What do these experiences tell you about the curriculum and the learning activities?
  • What did you learn about relationships in the classroom?
  • Create a professional paper, aimed at other teachers. Be sure to include your own understanding of technology infusion.
  • How does technology facilitate student-centered learning? Include at least two research references, and as you refer to these scholarly works, be sure to follow APA format.

Culminating the Papers Criteria:

In your research paper, be sure to expresses a clear vision of a constructivist, student centered classroom; offers a detailed and viable solution to the question what might a technology-infused, student-centered classroom be like. Supports own conclusions with reference to scholarly literature and practical examples. Your project should evaluate the methods and strategies that for technology infusion that were observed and utilized in field experiences, readings and activities in pedagogy and technology tools. Applies learning from the field experience to inform decision making for new classroom design. It also must describe how technology will contribute to implementation of the model classroom. Explains one's own understanding of technology infusion in a way that other teachers would learn from one's experiences.

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