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Research Papers that Explore the Influence of Asian Culture on Counseling

A qualitative research paper can be written on the following topic:

"The influence of the Asian culture on the practice of professional counseling". Have Paper Masters explain the factors that culture plays on counseling. Below you will see additional information for Influence of Asian Culture on Counseling Research Paper.

Influence of Asian Culture on Counseling

The research should include the qualitative questions /issues raised on the following:

  1. What does culture mean to an Asian?
  2. How might our personal meaning of culture influence how one understands other people's problems?
  3. In what ways does your cultural heritage influence your understanding or response to counseling the cultural issue?
  4. In what ways does your cultural background influences or affects the way you ask questions from clients?
  5. Do our values inhibit the type of questions /issues /problems war are willing to work with our clients?
  6. What topics would people in our culture have difficulty with in counseling?
  7. How would you see your role working with the client?
  8. How does your cultural expectations affect the interaction between you and your client?

These questions should be answered first and is compulsory, and before the above questions:

  1. What are the characteristics of an Asian counselor that are different from a western counselor (such as an American)? together with the question
  2. What does culture mean to an Asian?

As of 2002, Asian Americans made up just over 4% of the nation’s population.  The Asian American population is incredibly diverse, with members descended from many different Asian nations, including Indonesia, Korea, India, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and China.  These individuals demonstrate tremendous diversity in language and religion.  Asian Americans are a very urbanized ethnic segment, with over 95% of all Asian Americans choosing to live in urban settings.  Currently, the majority of the members of this ethnic group living in the United States is foreign born. 

The reluctance of Asian Americans to seek mental health support helped contribute to the stereotype of Asian Americans as an ideal minority.  Early studies believed that Asian Americans simply did not require the same level of care as members of other ethnic groups.  Studies have demonstrated that Asian Americans do need mental health support and that they are not receiving the level of care that they require.

Therefore, the second reason that this ethnic group requires attention is this seeming disconnection between need and acceptance of professional counseling assistance.  Asian Americans seem to demonstrate a strong cultural predisposition against the utilization of professional counseling in the treatment of problems.  This strong negative perception of professional counseling can be found across the wide spectrum of the diverse Asian American population. Asian Americans tended to endorse coping sources and practices that emphasized talking with familial and social relations rather than professionals such as counselors and doctors.

Sub Headings for The Influence of Asian Culture on Counseling Research Paper:

  1. Introduction
  2. Research design and method
  3. a. Overall aim of the study

    b. Rationale for the research method

    c. Sample (use of inclusion /exclusion criteria)

    d. Rationale for sample

    e. Analysis of interview data

  4. Findings
  5. Discussion
  6. a. Identify the problem

    b. Identify the solution

    c. What clients want

    d. Limitations of the study

  7. Conclusion

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