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Individualized Education Plan

Special needs education majors learn to do Individualized education plans early in their college career. When learning about individualized education plans, education majors can take tips from this website or have Paper Masters custom write a research paper on IEPs.

An individualized education plan, or IEP, is an educational document, required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for children identified as having some physical or mental disability. The elements of an IEP is:

  • An IEP is tailored to each student
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Outlines curriculum modifications
  • Sets goals with measurable achievements
Individualized Education Plan

Individualized Education Plan in Action

According to IDEA, IEPs are designed to keep students in the least restrictive environment for learning. Students learn best when placed in mainstream classrooms with the peers, and an IEP ensures that these students are not only granted access to regular classrooms, but have appropriate support systems in place in order to help these students achieve.

An individualized education plan is constructed by a team, which often includes both educators and parents. Children must first be thoroughly evaluated by a school district in order to determine qualifications for an IEP. Not every disability qualifies, only those deemed to have an adverse effect on a child’s normal educational development.

Individualized Education Plan Goals

IEPs are reviewed on an annual basis to determine if the child is reaching the set goals, if new goals need to be set, or if newer modifications can be implemented. School districts are required by law to comply with the IEP. Some IEP modifications include assistive technology, classroom aides or transportation.

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