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Inclusive Education Programs

Inclusive Education Programs research papers show that one area of education that has consistently defied this “open mindedness” however, is the incorporation of inclusive classrooms into mainstream schools.  Have the writers at Paper Masters explain inclusion in the educational setting in a custom written research paper.

All across the United States, teachers, administrators and parents have become entrenched in an ongoing debate about the reliability and success of inclusive education programs.  As more and more districts begin to adopt this new approach to teaching, opponents of these programs argue that the process is detrimental to both mainstream students and special needs children alike. At the heart of this issue lies an ethical debate over whether it is fair to include (or exclude) teaching of special needs children in mainstream classrooms.

Inclusive Education Programs

In order to understand the ethical dilemma posed by inclusive education, a closer look at the program and its implementation is first warranted. 

  • Overall inclusive education is a system of education in which students with disabilities are educated in mainstream classrooms with their non-disabled peers. 
  • In the most ideal setting, students with special needs are to be provided with support and instruction based on their individual needs. 
  • Further expounding on the definition of inclusive education another author notes:

    The goal behind inclusive education is to move toward community ownership of all students, severely disabled to mainstream.

Inclusive education has become so controversial because it involves a fundamental paradigm shift in the approach to education: “Inclusive learning communities assume significantly different learning outcomes than those generally accepted by the existing education community.”  Inclusive classrooms seek to actively engage all students within a community to participate to the fullest of their ability.  In many respects, this approach to education attempts to unify children, parents and the community by bridging the gap between disabled children and the community as a whole. 

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