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The Importance of Saving Documents

One of the most important things a student can learn for time-saving is to save the documents that he or she is working on. Get a custom project written on this time-saving activity that will save you hours of heartache when writing a research paper.

While Jane was preparing a document that involved data from a combination of Microsoft applications stored on her Personal Computer (PC) it was discovered that for whatever reason the data thought saved on the PC was missing. The large “Request for Proposal” (RFP) document created as a Microsoft Word Document was due for impending public release, and thus, its disappearance created widespread chaos. The RFP preparation took over six months requiring numerous revisions and finally approval by the customer. The Importance of Saving DocumentsAfter discovering that the RFP document was apparently gone, the agreement of the team was that it had to be recreated as soon as possible (ASAP).

Many steps were needed in order to recover the missing RFP file, and the first step was to go to “file” and find the last saved document on the desktop. In order to open the file, first highlight it by left clicking on the filename. Several different applications files were contained in the file, and hence the procedure was started straightaway by executing the following Microsoft computer programs:

  • Excel
  • Access Database
  • PowerPoint

Once the application on the PC where sections of the document was produce were found prior to being merged to the RFP Word document the files were access and copied. Because of the serious developments it became imperative to store the information in the PC on an external drive after being located on the computer. No one could say why the “RFP” was missing, but the missing documents created such a turmoil that every action was taken to make sure that the recovered files did not disappear.

The general conclusion was that Jane either did not save the RFP file, or the large size of the document let it to becoming corrupted. Explaining the mishap by alluding that Jane did not save the file appears misguided, as Jane saved earlier version of the file to her computer using other applications, therefore it seems unusual that the later versions would not be saved.

The lesson learned is when creating large files on your PC it is important to store the file in more than one location or risk losing the document. Always save your files to “my documents” but also create a back up on the corporate server or CD or other removable storage media. A rarely used option is storing large documents across multi computers.

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