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Research Papers on the Impact Deforestation has on a Freshwater Habitat

A research paper from Paper Masters can examine the impact that deforestation has on freshwater habitat within which it occurs.  You can have our writers focus on any aspect of deforestation but our experts in environmental science suggest the following items to include:

  1. It will examine some of the original research that has been done on the impact of logging on freshwater habit. 
  2. It will attempt to demonstrate that the results arrived at by research in the field are more ambiguous and tentative than anyone used to reading mass market publications might realize.
Impact Deforestation has on Freshwater Habitat

There has been an enormous amount of attention paid to all things concerned with ecology in the last two decades. There has been, in the opinion of this writer, a generation of much more heat than light in the public forum with regard to environmental issues.  Such issues, of which forest management is one, have aroused passionate and bitter feelings.  The result has been a polarization in which both sides on any given issue have advanced the claim that “science” supports their position and that what the other side uses to support its position isn’t really “science” at all.  In both cases there has been very little public exposure to what actual scientists working in the field do.  Their focus, their methods, and the nature of their conclusions are all poorly, very poorly, reported in the mass- media and even in some of the less general publication as well.

There is a very good and easily understandable reason why this is so.  The primary source reporting of what scientists actually do in the field is aimed at a restricted audience, other scientists.  The result of this is that the articles which appear in scientific journals are very forbidding indeed.  There is much concern with statistical method and the use of technical language is so dense that the result is virtually unreadable by even a well-informed layman.  However, a look at these source materials carries a huge payoff for it gives one invaluable insight into what scientists do, how they do it, what their focus is, and—most importantly—the specific and tentative nature of their findings and conclusions.  A great deal of the exaggeration and bombast that appears with respect to environmental issues in the popular press begins to look very, very hollow when one is exposed to the actual reports written by working environmentalists.

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