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Immunization of Children Research Papers

Research papers on the immunization of children can look at the ethical, medical, legal, religious or social consequences of immunizing children. The writers at Paper Masters will custom write your research project on immunization and target any specific topic you need written about. Be sure to tell our writers exactly what you need, whether it is a medical, ethical or social question involving immunization.

The vaccination of children has recently become a topic of controversy and enhanced interest. 

  • On the one hand, as authors have noted, the public is being barraged with news stories concerning the safety of some of the vaccines in use. 
  • On the other hand, the possibility that the country may undergo attacks by bioterrorists is adding a new sense of urgency with respect to having adequate supplies of vaccines for both children and adults on hand—and adequate means of distribution in place--if the worst should happen. 

Immunization of ChildrenA research paper on the immunization of children will discuss certain issues related to the question of how efficient our system of providing vaccinations can be when our public health system is economically over-burdened.  The paper adopts, as its primary bias, the notion that, with respect to the matching of available public health resources with the demands made on the public health system, we are currently confronted with what is essentially a zero sum game.  That is to say, in a world of competing health care demands and stressed health care funding, the resources that are devoted to one of these demands, e.g. the vaccination of children, must be taken from other public health areas.  This paper will attempt to determine if the magnitude of public health system resources devoted to childhood immunization will likely be adequate over the long term and, in the event of catastrophe, would likely be able to protect the child population from epidemics.

We should begin by noting that, recent stories about the dangers of certain forms of childhood vaccination notwithstanding, there is no doubt that there is a long and growing list of safe and effective vaccines that, from the standpoints of parents, children, and epidemiology, should be administered.   Vaccination, in fact, has a long history. An author has noted that it was speculated about in ancient times, that by 1700 immunization was “a recognized phenomenon”, and that an English physician named Jenner practiced inoculation in the latter half of the 18th century. While many writers and many studies indicate that vaccination is not without risks and is not always foolproof ], it is no accident that in the section on pediatrics in the authoritative Merck Manual a sub-chapter on immunizations stands near the front of that section.

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