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Image of Nurses and Nursing

A common assignment for Image of Nurses and Nursing is as follows:

Information on Image of Nurses and Nursing Research Paper:

  1. Write an opinion essay suitable for inclusion on the op-ed pages of a newspaper or magazine. Image of Nurses and Nursing
  2. The theme of the essay should address the image of nurses and nursing, specifically focusing on their competence, knowledge and skills instead of how kind, caring and compassionate nurses are.
  3. Op-eds usually address a timely issue, one that has been in the news and must strongly articulate a point of view or opinion.
  4. They can proposes a solution to a problem, present a personal experience that relates to a public issue or a 'dramatic' story that talks about what nurses do.
  5. The paper should present in some way that nurses are knowledgeable, and there is much study and schooling behind the profession.
  6. Op-eds usually address a timely issue, one that has been in the news and must strongly articulate a point of view or opinion.
  7. They can proposes a solution to a problem, present a personal experience that relates to a public issue or a 'dramatic' story that talks about what nurses do. If you plan to submit your essay to a newspaper or a professional journal, please discuss with your course professor prior to submission.

Evaluation criteria for Image of Nurses and Nursing Research Paper:

  1. Opinion is clearly expressed in 3- 3.5 pages.
  2. The letter is suitable for inclusion in either the editorial page of a newspaper or the letters section of a professional journal.
  3. The theme of the letter identifies/addresses the image of nurses with a focus/emphasis on competency, skills, and knowledge versus caring and compassion.
  4. Writing is professional, use of grammar, spelling, terminology etc. is appropriate, and the issue is well developed with a good logical flow to the argument/discussion.
  5. The opinions expressed are well supported/defended with examples, explanations and references (statistics, research findings, literature, and theory).
  6. Analysis shows evidence of critical thinking and creative writing and personal perspective/beliefs/assumptions are explored and discussed. If relevant, discussion of the issue identifies strategies for resolution or next steps.
  7. The conclusion draws together all ideas outlined in the introduction.

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