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Ideal of the American Dream Research Papers

Ideal of the American Dream term paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

The ideal of the American Dream began after World War II and extended deep into Europe. For Americans, the “American Dream” was equated with the the following two important aspect of life:

  1. The fruits of industrialization
  2. A move to the suburbs

For Europeans, the “American Dream” filtered into Europe in the form of intrigue and idealism towards a way of life that seemed impossible in the aftermath of utter destruction from war.

Ideal of the American Dream

During the height of America’s obsession with the American Dream, many factors contributed to the success of the nation. Viewing the debate from the 1990s is daunting. American’s lived in an era of unprecedented economic growth and "rags to riches" mobility. Men like Andrew Carnegie started with nothing and rose to great wealth and fame by following rather simple rules: honesty, hard work, and savings. In his speech entitled “A Talk to Young Men”, Andrew Carnegie told young men to start at the bottom, work your way up and “be king in your dreams” . This philosophy has, at its core, the belief that Darwinism can make social science account for a human nature that is progressive but at the same time positive; the intuitions of humanity that Darwin had implicated as being noble and distinct, though continuous with other species, will become evident, once again, with further developments in the work of sociobiologists, and, perhaps, by inference, history itself.

By the time Alexis de Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America in 1836, he could comment on the unique character of the American individual, foreseeing that Europe’s future lay in America. Charles Dickens made a much-feted visit to America in 1842.  His views on America take the opposite of de Tocqueville. Dickens “embraced the assumption of nearly every British traveler before him that the best way to understand the new world was to compare it with the Old, with a view to determining which culture was better”.

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