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Here is a sample introduction for a research paper on the Id. Paper Masters will create a custom research paper for your topic.

The id is the first part of Sigmund Freud’s three-part psychic makeup of humans, the other parts being the ego and superego. Freud maintained that the id was the part of human personality where the lower animal instincts lay. Id, according to Freud, was the only component of personality present from birth.

The Elements of the Id


The elements of the id are:

  1. Core of desire
  2. The Pleasure Principle
  3. Origin of Sexual Impulses
  4. Strives to satisfy desire
  5. Balanced by the ego and Superego

The id is the part of the mind where wants and desires originate. The id is largely concerned with the pleasure principle, that human drive towards immediate gratification. Freud maintained that sexual impulses arose out of the id, as did most other drives from which humans derive physical pleasure. The id constantly strives to satisfy its desires, and the instinctual drives that are inseparable from survival.

The id is balanced by the ego and the superego. The superego is the psychic apparatus on the opposite end from the id, being concerned with higher order morality and ethics. The ego stands in balance between the two, attempting to achieve the id’s goals through a rational means.

The Id and Human Impulse

The id serves as the house for human impulse. Freud also believed that the desire to create was housed in the id, part of the human libido, as well as the death drive, as each human also carries the capacity for their own self-destruction within. The term “id” was, in fact, a mistranslation of Freud’s term “das Es” or “The It.”

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