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Research Papers on I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

Poetry research papers are not easy to write, especially on difficult poems such Emily Dickinson's I Felt A Funeral In My Brain. Poetry writers can explicate Dickinson's poems for you in a custom essay today.

“I felt a funeral, in my Brain” by Emily Dickinson is a psychological poem that is particularly bare in that it tells nothing about the situation which has brought about the funeral gathering. I Felt a Funeral in My BrainCharacteristically, Dickinson is more interested in how the emotion is played out in the consciousness than in the origin of the emotion. The ending of the poem may be overshadowed by some other works that stress pain or power, however, it is free of judgments and is more explicit in merging an experimental state of consciousness with dying. In “I felt a funeral in my Brain”, the dying mind falls into a state which is neither heaven nor hell but rather somewhere which is beyond the realm of language.

Graphic Elements of I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

One of the most graphic elements of “I felt a Funeral in My Brain” is the recording of the soul’s final moments of consciousness and the terrible struggle away from life after a shattering separation from the body. Her poem explores every conceivable variation of pain, fear, misery, and loss that the human spirit can endure. With the detailed presentation of a complete funeral as felt through the ebbing sensation of a dead person, the poem borders on morbid by portraying the occasion of the terrible struggle that the separation of the body from the soul experiences. Dickinson uses the funeral service as much more than merely an exploitation for a sensational effect, but rather it has allegorical significance.

  • The physical death symbolizes spiritual death and perhaps gives momentary insight into the nature of infinity.
  • Likewise, the opening scene in which the mourners file past the exposed body before the actual funeral service is the mourner’s glimpse into the nature of death and infinity.
  • The view of death is an oppressive view since they are living and have yet to experience death.

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