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Hunting Research Papers

Hunting research papers can look at the phenomena of hunting from a historical standpoint or from a sporting perspective. Paper Masters will write on the politics of hunting too.

Hunting has been a skill which human life has been dependent on for centuries.  Almost from the beginning of mankind, hunting has been the means through which man procured food, clothing, shelter, and tools used in daily living. Hunting was not only a way of life, but also the very sustenance of life. Today, as we rush headlong into a technological world, societies views on hunting are changing.  It is estimated that only about 7% of Americans hunt today. HuntingThis low number can be attributed to the fact that strict government regulations and questions concerning the ethics and safety of hunting have discouraged many would-be hunters. In the following pages, I will present the facts about hunting and why I believe it should not be banned, but should remain a vital and natural part of our human existence.   

As America’s population becomes more and more concentrated in urban areas, the traditions and lifestyle of rural America are being lost in the shuffle. To fully understand hunting, we must examine it from a rural perspective. The same way that if we were to examine the appeal of surfing, we would be best served to examine it from the perspective of someone who lives near the ocean. 

  • In rural America, hunting is, in its broadest sense, a lifestyle. 
  • It is an interest and impulse that continues year-round and is directly related to many aspects of rural life. 
  • In a narrower sense, hunting is a seasonal recreation, just like football season or baseball season, that has been enjoyed by millions of Americans for more than a century. 

To help further our understanding of why hunting should be allowed to continue, we must first understand what hunting actually is, and be able to distinguish “true” hunting from popular misconceptions of hunting. There are four basic, distinguishable types of hunting. Three that are valid and deserving of protection, and one that is no longer necessary and justly banned. 

Subsistence hunting”, is the taking of wild animals on order to survive or maintain cultural identity and tradition. In North America, some native people and a few others still engage in subsistence hunting. To ban all hunting would be to ban the very traditions on which these cultures are based, and in effect extinguish them.

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