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Human Spirit

Determining what comprises the human spirit is complex because this representation is different for everyone. From a general perspective, the human spirit is characterized by an intangible part of the human experience represented by spiritual, emotional or mental interaction. Human SpiritInteraction of the human spirit may happen between individuals, among the physical environment, within communities or on a spiritual level, with a deity or figure of worship. Belief in the human spirit often depends on age, culture, background and spirituality or religious affiliations. It is also often associated with shared traits of humanity that are put on display during some of the species’ worst moments (i.e. the human spirit can be seen in first responders who put their lives on the line in times of disaster to help other people).

There is no one discipline that explains what the human spirit encompasses better than other; rather, they are just different iterations. Religion correlates the human spirit with that of religious spiritual doctrine. Philosophy incorporates the human spirit into theories about humanity and existence. Psychology relates the human spirit to behaviors or theories that may explain why people interact with themselves and others in the manner that they do – often in conjunction with drivers that cannot be otherwise explained but may be seen in mass representation (i.e. when masses of people rush to help others in crisis regardless of culture, demographics, age, etc.).

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