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Human Reproduction

Human reproduction is the conception of a child through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Both male and female human beings have specific reproductive organs that make it possible to conceive a child and reproduce. You can order a custom research paper from Paper Masters on human reproduction that follows your guidelines. This is just a sample introduction. After sexual intercourse and the fertilization of the female egg by the male sperm then a child is conceived. After conception, the woman will carry the child, or be pregnant, for nine months until it is time to give birth.

Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the name of the nine-month period between conception and the birth of a child. In the early stages of pregnancy, the cells of the egg begin to divide and move from the female’s fallopian tubes and move down to the uterus where the embryo will anchor. The baby at this time is called a fetus. The fetus receives its nutrition and oxygen through the placenta and a chord that is connected to the mother. This chord is called the umbilical cord. The human development or gestation period is around 266 days, which is about nine months.

Recapping the stages:

  1. Sperm and egg meet
  2. Fertilization
  3. Zygote
  4. Mitosis
  5. Cell Division
  6. Differentiation

When the gestation period is over and the baby is developed, then the childbirth process begins. The baby moves lower and eventually will be pushed out through the birth canal. After the baby is born the umbilical cord must be cut separating the mother and baby. Babies begin breathing almost immediately on their own. They are very helpless and require their parents to provide for all their needs. Most mothers breast feed their babies until they are old enough to eat more solid food or formula.


Pregnancy can be very difficult on the woman. The fetus takes much of the nutrients from the mother, which causes the woman to need to eat more calories on a regular basis to make up for the calorie deficit. Pregnancy also leads to weight gain and a woman’s skin must stretch to compensate for the change.

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