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Human Environment Interaction

Because both human beings and the environment are each complex, adaptive, and interconnected systems, they interact on an almost constant basis. No other species on Earth has as much impact on the environment as human beings. These human environment interactions are both positive and negative, and the interaction is largely dependent upon the characteristic of the human society.

Human Environment Interaction

Society has tremendous impact on how human beings view the environment. The values of society, how people view life shapes how they modify the environment. Ecosystem benefits are vital to human survival. They are the benefits, such as food, water, timber, farmland, or energy that human beings obtain from the world around them. Many traditional, hunter-gatherer societies have minimal and mutually beneficial interaction with their environment. Conversely, many believe that modern industrial society has exploited the environment to the point of degradation.

There is a causal chain of links between human activity and environmental degradation that characterizes negative human-environment interaction. Driving forces (such as industry) generate pressure on the environment, releasing pollutions into the water and air for example. These, in turn, modify the state of the environment, which causes negative impacts. These impact push many towards responses that seek to reduce problems, which then modify the society’s driving forces.

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