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HR and Strategy of Operations

Assignment: Imagine that your CEO has asked you to assess your company’s current Human Resource (HR) strategy and operations, and to develop recommendations for improvement. Based on the readings, lectures and your own experience, write a short paper that summarizes your thoughts and recommendations on one or more aspects of HR that should be strengthened; that is, actionable steps that should be undertaken to strengthen the company’s ability to provide the human capital required to implement successfully its business strategy.

HR and Strategy of Operations

To help stimulate your thinking, the paper might address any (or all) of the following:
• Overall how would you assess the effectiveness of your organization’s HR strategy and/or operations? Strengths? Areas requiring improvement? Why and what should be done to improve them?
• To what extent does your company have a “talent mindset”? Believe a superior work force is critical to the company’s sustainable competitive advantage? Acting on that belief?
• What is the employee value proposition (EVP) your company holds out to attract/retain first rate employees? How does your company’s EVP compare with that of your competitors? Strengths and weaknesses of your EVP compared to theirs? How could your EVP be strengthened?

• To what extent are you able today to recruit, motivate, and retain superior employees? Winning the war for talent? If winning, what factors do you think are important for your success? If not, why? Key reasons for people joining? Leaving?
• How engaged are your company’s employees in their work? What factors do you see in your organization that work against engaging and motivating high performing employees (e.g. culture, policies/practices, reward systems, work design)? What improvement(s) should be undertaken to enhance employment engagement?

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