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How to Write a Movie Review

When writing a film review, it is important to provide just enough plot details to entice the reader and provide them with a fair and accurate assessment of the film. However, it is important that the entire plot – particularly surprise twists in the storytelling – not be given away. How to Write a Movie ReviewAs with any piece of writing, a thesis statement should be used to guide the review itself, with all the author’s primary points leading back to this thesis. It is essential that one’s overall opinion be clearly stated within this thesis statement. Comparisons can be made between the movie being reviewed and other films, but it is important to not allow this comparison to color one’s assessment too unfairly.

As one moves through the review, there are several paths one can follow. One can move chronologically through the film, remembering not to reveal the entire plot in the review. Strengths and weaknesses of the film as a whole can be discussed as they appear in the finished piece. A second approach is based within the thesis itself. The evidence that one relied on when creating one’s position can be discussed in order of importance. If one specific element of the film detracted from its overall value, this can be discussed first – even if it didn’t appear until later in the movie. This allows the reader to understand the greatest strengths or weaknesses of the film in the perspective of the reviewer. It is important that concrete examples from the film be given to support one’s opinions, moving beyond just a summary. By bringing the review full-circle at the end, connecting back to the overall theme of the review or the message of the film itself, the reviewer is able to present the reader with a clear, concise analysis that enables them to make a decision whether or not to see the film.

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