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How to Write a Research Paper on Two Cultures:

Example: Hmongs and Mexicans Living in California

In Hmongs and Mexicans Living in California Research Paper, you will use selected resources to research and report on the lifestyles, values, mores, and other characteristics of at least two subcultures (Hmong and Mexican) living in California.

The body of your research paper on Hmongs and Mexicans in California should focus on the important aspects of each culture. Be sure to document your findings during your research. You will need to go beyond simply copying material you find in encyclopedias. Follow the task prompts (below) to maximize your scores.

Upon completing your research you will take the information and place it into context for your future classrooms. Formulate your response around questions like: Hmongs and Mexicans Living in California

  1. How does this piece of information help me understand this culture?
  2. What implications does this information have on my practice?
  3. What kinds of questions does it raise?

In order to understand the information on Hmongs and Mexicans you find, you will need to perform research in primary and secondary sources(e.g., information about the art from a given culture found in a textbook versus original documents such as the works of art from artists within the culture). This will help you to understand the information about each culture within the broader context of your future classrooms.

Write a statement of purpose for your research project.

  1. A statement of purpose is a sentence that you write which states what you want to learn about in your research project.
  2. A statement of purpose acts as a guide so that you will read and take notes only on what you will need for your project.
  3. Note: Your statement of purpose will go in the introduction of your paper.

Locate and gather sources of information for Hmongs and Mexicans Living in California Research Paper:

Secondary Sources:

  1. Locate at least two books on each culture (total of four books).
  2. Look for different types of sources (e.g., textbook, library monograph, brochure, etc.).
  3. None of the four required books may be an encyclopedia. However, you may begin your search by reading an encyclopedia entry for each culture you will research.

Primary Sources:

  1. Locate at least three primary sources for each culture (total of six sources).
  2. For example, if you are writing about a subculture based on a religion, a basic statement of beliefs without outside comment offered by a leader of that religion might be useful. Seek various types of materials (e.g., pictures, documents from authoritative bodies, poetry from members of the culture, etc.).
  3. You must locate and use at least one primary source from the Internet.

Primary Government or Public Policy Sources:

  1. Locate at least one source on either culture from an official resource.
  2. For example, if you are writing about the African American culture, you could use one of many documents from the U.S. Supreme Court or U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.

Do not use an author's description of an official document - such as a discussion about the U.S. Constitution in a textbook. The goal here is to find an official document.

Many government documents and public policy documents are available on the Internet at Government sites.

Gather copies of the books and other materials from the library, Internet, Inter-library loan, or directly from organizations that represent that culture you wish to study.

Review, organize, synthesize, and summarize information from multiple sources in a logical manner.

Format for Hmongs and Mexicans Living in California Research Paper:

  1. Write an introduction (1-2 paragraphs).
  2. Place your statement of purpose at the beginning of your introduction.
  3. State explicitly the cultures you researched and describe the aspects of each culture you will address. (Hmong and Mexican) Describe why the report is important to you as a person and as a teaching professional. Be sure to dig deeply into your personal feelings and make connections between the information you learned and your future as a teacher.
  4. Write about materials and methods employed (1-2 paragraphs). This section should be clear enough to allow others to follow your methods.
  5. Give a brief description of how the information was collected. What methods did you use to find your resources?
  6. Describe which sources you thought were most important and why.
  7. Describe how you reviewed and synthesized the information you found in the sources.
  8. Write a results section to describe each culture (1-2 pages per culture) Present the information you found on each culture.
  9. Cite any information you include using in-text citations (as opposed to footnotes or endnotes).
  10. Write a discussion and conclusions section (1-2 pages).
  11. Discuss how the two cultures are similar and how they are different. Be sure to provide at least two ways the cultures are the same and three ways the cultures are different.
  12. Identify at least three ways the information you learned from this project could be applied in your classroom.
  13. Create a list of references (1 page).
  14. List all references used in your report in APA format.

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