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Research Papers on HIV Around the World

HIV is the 21st century version of the Plague. It has affected nations around the world and the statistics regarding its devastation are often far short of the actual incidence of the disease. Have Paper Masters write a research paper on HIV around the world that uses the most up to date information and examines the numbers of infections across the globe.

Here is an example research paper topic for the subject of: "HIV around the World”.

HIV is not a disease specific to one group, population, or ethnicity. It affects both sexes, all ages, and all socioeconomic groups. Nowhere in the world is the HIV/AIDS epidemic more prevalent than the continent of Africa. For Africa, political turmoil and government denial has fed an epidemic that has reached disastrous proportions. As the number of infected and dead continue to rise, the impact on the people of Africa and the entire world is growing.

HIV Around the WorldThe stories read are quite frightening. A recent report from the United Nations says that AIDS will kill half of all 15 year olds in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa by 2012 if something is not done soon. Also, the report goes on to say that about 24 million people in Sub-Sahara Africa are living with HIV. So why is the epidemic raging out of control in Africa and other undeveloped countries? Several factors are contributing to this tragedy.

Solutions to HIV

This learner will speak about the contributing factors as well as possible solutions.

For a thorough research paper, a Power Point must be developed giving a presentation that can hypothetically be submitted to a conference of your peers. The PowerPoint presentation must include a 6-week program or course aimed at a target audience and prepare handouts to accompany your program.

Project Objectives for HIV Around the World Research Paper
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Evaluate your personal attitudes and values about human sexuality.
  2. Analyze and synthesize information about the anatomy and physiology of human sexuality.
  3. Analyze the biological, cultural, and psychological issues related to sexual behavior.
  4. Examine how attitudes are influenced by an understanding of human sexuality, expression, and change over the life span.

Requirements for HIV Around the World Research Paper

  • Integrates course concepts, theory, and research into the final product and provides supporting examples.
  • Creates a final product, including a presentation and a 6-week program, about the selected topic that reflects integration of course content and theories and provides real-world examples.
  • Formulates a final product that demonstrates creative presentation skills and enhances the message and content of the final product.
  • Analyzes current research findings and theory as they apply to the selected topic and provides supporting context
  • Supports points with evidence from references and includes a brief analysis of each reference.

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