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Health Care in America for African Americans

Health Care in America for African Americans Research Paper Requirements Below:


Summary: Each student will select a health care policy issue of interest and write a 8-12 page scholarly research paper which will include the following:

  1. Statement of the problem (e.g. increasing drug costs, the uninsured, immigrant health, access to health care services, quality of services, managed care, and financing of health services). That is, what is wrong with health care in the US?
  2. Whether or not your topic has been effectively addressed (existing or pending legislation). In other words, what law, act, or bill addresses that particular problem? Health Care in America for African Americans
  3. Who are the stakeholders for this issue/policy, or who is affected by the problem in any way (individuals, providers, organizations, communities, elected officials)?
  4. What solutions are currently being sought to solve the problem (including, but not limited to legislation)?
  5. Your recommendations for potential solutions. Which of the options is best and why?

The Health Care in America for African Americans Research Paper should have the following sections:

I. Part I Introduction-Definition of the Problem and Policy Background

a. Problem
b. Stakeholders
c. Current Policy History

II. Part II Policy Goals

a. Statement of goals (at least 2)
b. Explanation of relevance of goals

III. Part III Solution Proposals

a. Three options for addressing the problem
b. Descriptions of each option
c. Explanation of how each option may provide a solution to the problem

IV. Part IV Policy Analysis

a. Comparison of options and the applicable policy
b. Analysis of how each option achieves the goals of the policy – deficiencies and strengths

V. Part V Conclusion

a. Selection of best proposal as a result of the analyses
b. Defense of the selection

Please include at least 7 scholarly references for this paper and include a reference page. This paper is to be in APA or MLA format.

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