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James E. Hansen and Global Warming Research Papers

James E. Hansen and global warming research papers report on the first scientific announcement that the earth was in trouble. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper on global warming or any other scientific topic you need.

James E. Hansen and Global WarmingIn the late 1980's a tremor went through the scientific community that would begin an ongoing debate of scientific significance that still endures over a decade later.  What could possibly have caused such a frenzied debate among the intelligence elite and scientific organizations around the world?  This controversial subject is none other than global warming.  It all began with a NASA scientist named James E. Hansen, who testified before a joint House and Senate committee in 1988 that there was “a strong cause and effect relationship between the current climate and human alteration of the atmosphere.”  Since this initial argument was inaugurated, a continual debate as to its validity as resulted.  The question becomes as to what extent science can authenticate the varying sides of the debate on global warming?

The Debate of Global Warming

Since the eruption of the scientific possibility that human life on Earth is altering the warming of the planet, many summarizations of scientific hypothesis have come forward. This has sparked the controversial debate, which is common with the initial statement of any scientific discovery. The debate of global warming is distinctly hot due to the varying degrees of scientific data available on the subject.  Adding to the frenzy over this contestable topic is the incredible political activity it has provoked. 

Global Warming Evidence

Thee are several major negative effects associated with global warming:

  1. Polar ice caps will melt and sea levels will rise, leading to an increase in severe storms and flooding of coastal lands.
  2. Agricultural areas would be affected by drought conditions, leading to a decrease in food production.
  3. A warming snowball effect could occur as warming of the oceans causes a release of methane and CO2 gases into the atmosphere, thereby exacerbating the warming problem.
  4. Inexplicably, warming could lead to a new ice age in the far northern hemisphere.

If warming affects the Gulf Stream, then its ability to help warm the environment would be affected and a resurgence of an Ice Age could rapidly develop, affecting Northern Europe. Because of the effects and because of the scientific evidence that climate change is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels, it is imperative that the industrialized nations continue to attempt to decrease atmospheric emissions of CO2 before the threshold is crossed.

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