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Research Papers on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Research papers on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill would first cover the events leading up to the explosion that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and left the rig’s wellhead. Research papers examining the Gulf of Mexico oil spill would also investigate the following:

  1. Gulf of Mexico Oil SpillHow much oil has spilled into the gulf
  2. How much damage it has done to the environment as well as projected totals for the spill
  3. The economic and environmental damage expected not only for the United States but also for other regions of the world
  4. Research papers on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may investigate what steps are being taken to create technologies that would allow oil companies to quickly stop the flow of crude oil from a damaged wellhead

The explosion that led to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was preceded days earlier by reports of well control issues. Although preliminary reports following the explosion suggested that no leak was evident, the Coast Guard ultimately established that the rig’s wellhead had been damaged and creating a serious spill. In less than two months, the spill had already affected devastating results for marine life and wildlife, fisheries and tourism along coastal waters. Experts from various industries and around the globe were convened to discuss strategies for not only stopping the current oil spill but also for developing the technologies necessary to mitigate, if not prevent, future spills.

The oil and natural gas industry have had a variable impact on the economy of Louisiana and East Texas, both creating tangible economic benefits and serious economic problems.  The industry has contributed positively to employment and tax revenues in the region, and has fostered the development of a modern communications and transportation infrastructure.  At the same time, the region has come to rely heavily on the industry, and has not made a significant effort to attract other types of commercial enterprises.  In addition, the local tax structures are heavily dependent on oil revenues rather than on a broad base tax system that fairly distributes the burden among citizens and businesses. As a result, the region’s economy is linked to the cyclical fortunes of the industry, which has resulted in alternating periods of prosperity and recession. Although there remains a strong economic link to oil and natural gas production in Louisiana and East Texas, there have recently been a number of initiatives to develop other types of industry in the region in order to reduce dependency on oil.  Nonetheless, the issue of the actual economic impact of the oil industry on the region remains somewhat controversial due to both its negative and positive impact.

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