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The Great Slump Research Papers

The Great Slump research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this? Or, our writers can custom write a research paper on the great slump and focus on any aspect you need. How about one of the following topics:

  • What caused The Great Slump?
  • Why were some countries affected and some countries not?
  • Without FDR's socialist plans, would the U.S. have pulled out of The Great Slump?
  • What was The Great Slump's impact on Germany?

The period of the Great Slump, which spanned 1929 to 1933, presented significant challenges for countries like the United States, not only for the economic challenges that had to be faced but also because it fostered considerable support for socialism as a realistic global alternative to the capitalist economy. Although the U.S. benefited throughout the short twentieth century by its position as central to capitalist world economy, the Great Slump, manifested in the Great Depression, did much to tear at the traditional consensus by American citizens that the democratic system would be able to revitalize the economy.

The Great Slump

The resultant decline in American confidence was intensified by the threat of alternative government movements that promised greater equality, economic wealth and power to world citizens. The United States government responded with its own radical counterattack to such threats – the New Deal - which exemplified Franklin D. Roosevelt’s (FDR) activist strategy of governance designed to convince Americans that state and state and federal governments, in tandem with an improved social system, could exact recovery for the United States economy.

Although it might have been expected that the weakened and fragmented social, political and economic environments within the United States would have made it vulnerable to some rogue government with the confidence and perhaps misguided belief that it could replace the American democratic system, no such attempts ever occurred. At the same time however, the USSR did present a viable, if not somewhat neglected, threat during the Great Slump, due, at least in part, by the fact that its industrial economy was booming and the socialist ideology was becoming increasingly appealing not only to other countries but also to some American citizens who embrace socialist ideals during the Great Depression.

The impact of the Great Slump on Germany, especially its role in creating massive electoral armies, had similar repercussions however it would play a most significant role in Hitler’s accession to power. As in other countries where rampant unemployment spawned and intensified social discontent, Germany’s social and political environments were fertile ground for the seeds of change planted by radicals like Hitler and accompanying radical regimes embodied in the Nazi Party.

The German government had strived to counter such emerging threats from 1918 to 1929 with its own activist strategy of governance – the Weimar Republic – to demonstrate its ability to meet the demands of the German people however the Great Slump worked to completely undermine its ability to keep the bargain it had struck between state employers and organized workers.

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