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Research Papers on Global Warming Myths

Research papers on global warming myths address what some call the myths concerning climate change. Paper Masters will address any of the global warming myths that you need to research. Have a research paper custom written by our environmental science writers today.

There are measures being taken for global warming prevention in today's society. Despite the publications of global warming warnings and the political figures that have chosen global warming as a campaign platform, scientists continue to develop models that inaccurately attempt to resolve the controversy over this issue.  Patrick Michaels, a professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia and a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute is a strong supporter of demystifying the global warming hysteria rocking the planet Earth.  He continually has written on the inaccuracies that are rampant around the world on the issue of global warming.

Global Warming Myths

Global Warming Predictions are Off

A short article written by Patrick Michaels on December 31, 1998, entitled “Long Hot Year: Latest Science Debunks Global Warming Hysteria” from the Cato Policy Analysis No. 329 firmly disputes the Pandemonium so long associated with global warming.  Stating that global warming observations are far below the predicted numbers assessed by computer models created for the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, Michaels is more or less dismissing global warming as any sort of threat to the planet.  He continues with the following assertion:

  1. Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere at a rate below that of most climate-change scenarios because it is being increasingly captured by growing vegetation. 
  2. The second most important human greenhouse enhancer—methane—is not likely to increase appreciably in the next 100 years…Even global warming alarmists in the scientific establishment now say that Kyoto Protocol will have no discernible impact on global climate.

This is quite a statement to make if it were not backed accurately by proficient scientific data.  Furthermore, the credentials of Patrick Michaels indicate an established expert in the scientific field of environmental issues.

environmental science and Global Warming

When compared to the reports written by lobbying groups and political administrations, the general public should be able to discern reality from fiction.  This is where science can play a key role in establishing the correct position for the planet on the issue of global warming. Likewise another article confirms the inadequacies of scientific methods.

Perhaps the most disturbing example of scientific inaccuracy was in an incident that occurred aboard the Topex/Poseidon, a United States and French collaborative satellite utilized by NASA to measure the changes in sea level.  Due to error in the satellite’s software the TOPEX/Poseidon was communicating inaccurate data to NASA scientists.  This resulted in an extreme exaggeration in sea-level change estimates.

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