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Global Supply Chain Management Research Papers

Global Supply Chain Management Research Papers can be ordered to be written custom according to exactly what you need focused on regarding international business. Below, you will see the structure and outline for what elements can be included in your global supply chain project.

A report that deals with the application of any aspect of the theory related to Global Supply Chain Management (example: outsourcing) in the context of an international company (preferably in oil & gas or automobile industry).

Report Structure for Global Supply Chain Management Research Paper:
The report should conform to the following structure:

You need to complete/address all the sections, but the assignment should be presented as a single report, with an overall introduction and conclusion & recommendation. You will refer to theoretical/conceptual models and supporting organizational data/evidence where appropriate.

Requirements for Global Supply Chain Management Research Paper:Global Supply Chain Management

  1. The report should be well structured, informed and reveal a clear understanding of the Global Supply Chain Management.
  2. The literature on which the report is based should be acknowledged, references cited (Harvard referencing) and a bibliography provided which is adequate in range and accurate in detail.
  3. The report should make good use of a range of frameworks/models and apply it broadly in a logical and balanced manner.
  4. Require a minimum of four references with copies of journals.
  5. Report should be sent as attachment in Microsoft word format.
  6. A range of suitable/recommended books is identified below, you should be particularly cautious of older references.

Ultimately, effective supply chain management necessitates integration and collaboration across all levels of the supply (and demand) chain. Supply chain management as “an essential approach to satisfy the demand of customers for services and products via integrated management in the whole business process”. To accomplish this goal, it is critical that information be shared expeditiously throughout the supply chain. Additionally as demonstrated in this paper, supply and demand are inextricably linked, with customer demand becoming an increasingly influential component of supply chains. For instance make-to-stock production systems where customers expect to receive products without delay, thus requiring suppliers to maintain sufficient stock. Consequently, in order to utilize supply chain management as a means of improving efficiency, minimizing risks, and reducing costs, companies are necessarily shifting to a heavier focus on demand management.

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