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Global Research Paper Project

A common Global Project to be written as a research paper is as follows. First of all, you must gather your information and determine what your global project is going to focus on. There are many ways to approach this and the following are helpful hints in beginning to organize your thoughts for your topic.

  1. Your project should have several primary objectives.
  2. Can you find relevant business information using both traditional library resources and the web?
  3. Can you critically analyze information that you find and make some business decisions?
  4. Can you follow directions and prepare a succinct, well-written business report?

Information for Global Project Research Paper

Global ProjectSelect a country (perhaps China or India) in which you are interested. Perhaps it is the country you or your families emigrated from or one which some of you have always wanted to visit. Be careful in your choice. Do not pick a country that is so small or underdeveloped that that little economic information is available. Start finding out about it by visiting the CIA web site at Find the World Factbook on this site and read about the country. Pay special attention to the section on its economy. Continue to find out more about this country by consulting other sources. Investigate the issues one must consider when doing business in another country and some particulars about the country you have chosen. Search news sources for any current economic or political happenings there.

Be careful to adhere to guidelines regarding academic honesty. There is a strong temptation with this project plagiarise and just copy and paste from different websites. You cannot do that! See the academic dishonesty section on the course homepage.

(Be sure to credit your sources)
You may want to choose China or India for the project because their economies are exploding and there is a plethora of information available for them.


Global Project Research Paper Questions

Your report should include the answers to the following questions for the country you have chosen.

  1. What is this country’s current economic system? (Hint: what are the types of economic systems?)
  2. How stable is the economy?
  3. Is it growing or declining?
  4. How do you know? (What economic measures learned in chapter 2 tell you about a country’s economic health?)
  5. What is the currency unit?
  6. How stable is the currency, that is, does its value change dramatically over time? Look at several years worth of currency information?
  7. How did you determine how stable the currency is?
  8. What is the current exchange rate of this currency with the U.S. dollar? (Hint: use a search engine such as google or yahoo to find a web site that gives exchange rates.) Give the date and site from which you retrieved the exchange rate.
  9. What are the country’s primary imports? From where?
  10. What are the country’s primary exports? To where?
  11. What is the dollar value of imports for the latest year for which data is available? Of exports? Does it have a positive or negative balance of trade? (Note: data should be no older than 2006) Answer a or b.
  12. If you were a U.S. based exporter would you want to export to this country? Why or why not? If yes, what product would you consider exporting to them? Why?
  13. If you were a U.S. based importer would you want to import from this country? Why or why not? What product would you consider importing from them? Why?
  14. What are some of the business or social customs that you would have to consider if you were to do business in this country? (Hint: this does not refer to tariffs. If I were a US-based business person going there on business what should I know?.)
  15. Find at least one current news article about this country. Are there some issues or concerns that you would have about doing business with this country based on current news? Why or why not? (Be sure to consult news sources to see what some issues might be.)
  16. What sources did you consult to prepare this report? Be sure to use proper citation format.

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