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Film or Book Review on The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Paper Masters custom writes film reviews on any film you need discussed. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is an example of a film that we have done many reviews on. Our writers will explore the film in light of the book or simply just review the film for you in a research paper.

  • In 2009, the movie titled The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo was released in theatres.
  • Directed by Niels Arden Oplev
  • The movie details the search for a girl that has been missing for 40 years and is a possible victim of a serial killer.
  • Hired by the missing girl’s great uncle, an ex-journalist decides to work with a young computer hacker in order to solve the case. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
  • The movie, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is based off of the first book in a murder mystery trilogy authored Swedish writer Steig Larsson.
  • In Swedish, this book was titled Män Som Hatar Kvinnor. This translates to Men Who Hate Women in the English language.

The movie stars mostly foreign actors and actresses that may be unfamiliar to American audiences. In addition to Michael Nyqvist, the movie stars actresses Noomi Rapace and Lena Endre. The majority of the movie and the first book of the trilogy take place in Stockholm, Sweden and surrounding areas. However, the other two books of the trilogy take the reader to various places around the globe in pursuit of the serial killer. Even though the movie was a box office success in the United States and in other parts of the world; it is unclear if additional films will be made that follow the other two books of the trilogy. In the meantime, those that loved the movie The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo are encouraged to read the other two books of the trilogy which have already been translated into the English language.

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