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Research Papers on the German Reich

Research papers on the German Reich are custom written by the History writers at Paper Masters. Your project is custom written according to exactly what you need discussed regarding the German Reich.

German Reich research papers report that the German victory over France led to the formation of the German Reich, with William I as Kaiser. In the agreement between the German states that formed the Reich, the larger states were able to extract certain concessions from Bismarck as the price for submitting to Prussian hegemony over the Reich.  Wurttemberg continued to administer the affairs of its own army and appointed its own officers.  Its contingent was nonetheless integrated within the Prussian army, creating inherent difficulties in the chain of command.  German ReichBavaria retained full command of its armed forces in peacetime, but in the event of war they were integrated into the Prussian army.  It maintained a separate war ministry and General Staff.  Although the Prussian General Staff closely supervised the Bavarian military, the situation remained analogous to the relationship between allied forces rather than integrated forces during the early decades of the Second Reich.

At this time, the army introduced the Imperial method of numbering military units to minimize the regional distinctions.  The Imperial Germany Army now consisted of the following:

  1. Royal Prussian Army with its contingents from the smaller states
  2. The Royal Saxon Army, designated as the 12th Army Corps
  3. The Royal Wurttemburg Army, designated as the 8the Army Corps
  4. The Royal Bavarian Army, designated as the 1st and 2nd Army Corps

The Prussian Army was broken into the 14th Corps composed of Prussian and Baden contingents and the 15th Corps composed exclusively of Prussians.  Additional units were added in 1881, 1887 and 1890, which led to the formation of the 16th and 17th Corps in 1890.  At lower organizational levels, the military continued to use the regimental and divisional system.

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